Machine Learning in Dermatology!

This is a prototype for research. DO NOT USE ON PATIENTS.

Please read the letter of information.

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Letter of Information


I am carrying out a study on the adoption of decision support systems in dermatology to find why the adoption of such systems is low. I will be using this application that I have designed in the field of dermatology (hereafter DermML). DermML is a working prototype and is for studying your usage behaviour and to initiate a discussion in a follow-up interview if you are willing to participate. DermML collects abstracts of published articles from PubMed and identifies clinical rules from them. You can search DermML based on hypothetical patient history and publically available images. DermML does not store your submissions. Please use only publicly available material on DermML (DO NOT USE real patient data). DermML is a prototype and is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment.


Dermatologists practicing in the community in Canada and India can participate in this study. DermML is for knowledge augmentation and for simulated patient interactions and not for actual patient care. The instruction video and other relevant details are available here. By accessing these application, you confirm that you are eligible and consent to participate in this study.


Your anonymous usage statistics will be analysed. and Public posts on the monitored facebook group ( will be analyzed if you give explicit consent in the post. Please include the following statement if you post any comments related to DermML and you give your consent for inclusion: “I have no objection and convey my consent to use this post for research purposes.” You can give consent for a follow-up interview on the DermML website. From those who give consent for a follow-up interview, an appropriate sample will be interviewed by me or a research assistant. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes and I will audio record and transcribe the interview. The transcribed text will be shared with you for approval. Some of the questions that I will be asking are What value do you think the system has for you? and Which features do you find appealing in DermML and why?In addition to the interview, information such as age and type of practice will be collected.


It is not likely that there will be any harms or discomforts associated with the interview other than potential embarrassment in criticizing the system during the interview or on Facebook. You are not required to join the Facebook group or create any posts if you do not wish to do so. The data collected will only be accessible to me, research assistants and my supervisors. The research will not benefit you directly, but DermML will be accessible to everyone free of cost. No personally identifiable details will be used for analysis. Participants can withdraw from the interview for whatever reason, even after signing the consent form up until the participant approves the interview transcript.


This study has been reviewed and cleared by the McMaster University Research Ethics Board. If you any have concerns or questions about your rights as a participant or about the way the study is being conducted you can contact:


The McMaster Research Ethics Board Secretariat Telephone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 23142

 c/o Research Office for Administration, Development and Support (ROADS)




Thank you for your time and consideration.


Bellraj Eapen


PhD Candidate in Information Systems

McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario

Tel: 905-525-9140 Ext: 26392