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Dermatology Image Tagger | [Download]

Gone are the days when dermatologists used to organize the clinical images of their patients under a hierarchy of folders with patient names and other details for easy retrieval. The disadvantages were too many: privacy issues with giving patient names to folders, loss of all context data when an image is removed from the folder, difficulty in backing up as the directory structure needs to be maintained and the search based on a particular diagnosis or treatment was extremely cumbersome. Here is an innovative solution to all these woes. I proudly present to the dermatology community: Dermatology Image Tagger (DIT).

Dermatology Image Tagger

DermaMan :  Dermatology Tools for your java enabled mobile. | [Download]

Mobiles have become part of everyday life and most of these devices support java. In technical terms DermaMan is a suite of java MIDlets developed using J2ME complying with the CDLC 1.1 specifications. I am sure majority of the prospective users of DermaMan may not be interested in the technical specifications. So in simple terms DermaMan is a java application for your new generation mobiles.

Please read disclaimer before you download.

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I have varied research interests ranging from eHealth, Health Information Exchange, Clinical Trials and Research, Contact Dermatitis, Bioinformatics, and Cosmetic Dermatology. I have work experience in Canada as an eHealth analyst, and in Dubai and India as a Specialist Dermatologist.


Bell Raj Eapen
Hamilton, ON