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This is an experimental application for medical professionals and is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the full disclaimer before you proceed.

DermKnowledgeBASE (A Dermatology Knowledge Base with semi-automated knowledge discovery.

CHARM (Skin Color measurement from digital photos)

ONTODerm - A domain ontology for dermatology

Skin Deep - A dermatology blog

Virtual Dermatologist (A cosmetic tourism initiative in Kerala, INDIA)

What is SLISE(D)?
SLISE(D) was initially envisaged as an algorithm for semantic dermatology literature search based on ONTODerm, my domain ontology for dermatology in 2006. However there are many excellent semantic biomedical search systems like Quertle(R) and NLMPlus. SLISE(D) in its new form is an attempt at summarising search results.

What does SLISE(D) do?
SLISE(D) retrieves abstracts from Entrez (Pubmed) and summarises it so that you can easily flip through published literature on dermatological (and other) conditions. It may work for other specialties as well though the algorithm is fine tuned for dermatology. It identifies concepts and frequently repeated words and word pairs in literature abstracts and displays sentences that have them. You can specifically choose to fetch only case reports.

How is it useful?
A cursory pubmed search on psoriasis would return about 33000 articles out of which about 4500 would be case reports related to psoriasis. If you are a busy practitioner, how many of these can you read? With SLISE(D) you can read 50 abstracts in 3 minutes!! (I promise)

How do I use SLISE(D)?
Enter your disease (or concept of interest) in the disease box and click submit. Thats it! It is that simple! If the returned paragraph is bigger than a page, increase the threshold. Each page has the content from 50 articles (or the available number if the total is less than 50). Click on continue to read the next 50. If you return later to continue reading, move the start value slider to the number you have already read. If the case reports do not return enough articles, choose All instead of case reports. Try using it once and you will know how to use it!

The page does not return any content! What should I do?
SLISE(D) relies on several free web services like NCBI Entrez Eutil, European Bioinformatics Institutes whatizit, National Centre for text mining (NaCTeM) Termine and my own ONTODerm. One or more of these web services may through an error intermittently. So try refreshing the page after some time if it is blank.

What are your future plans with SLISE(D)?
SLISE(D) is an offshoot of my Virtual Dermatologist project that started off as a prolog expert system in the dark ages (1990s) running on enormous workstations powered by DOS :) It matured into a java servlet in the beginning of last decade and after several years of hibernation, recently incarnated with ontology in the veins and SPARQLing neurons!

I am impressed! What else do you have for me?
Thanks :). Please explore my website for hidden gems like online skin color measurement, dermatology thesis topics wiki, laser hair removal simulation and dermaman. If you have more time to waste, try my ebook!


This is an experimental application for healthcare professionals. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read disclaimer. - Evidence based skincare free

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