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Lexicon / Glossary of terms commonly used in Dermatology.

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ONTODerm is a specialty specific ontology for dermatology. Skin is the largest and the most 'exposed' organ in the human body. Most of the skin disorders are 'visible' and can be 'described' using terminologies 'specific' for the specialty. ONTODerm is envisaged as a solution for these 'specialty specific' needs. For everything else you have UMLS and SNOMED CT.

ONTODerm was initially started in 2007 using protege in OWL and the ontology was hosted on sourceforge for collaborative development. Paper on ONTODerm was published during this phase. Sourceforge workflow as not conducive for ontology development. Hence it was moved to knoodl in 2010 that discontinued its service in 2012.

I created the first comprehensive RDF based semi-automated knowledge base for dermatology called DermKnowledgeBASE(TM) (DKB). Ontoderm was redesigned as an RDF/xml to suit DKB architecture. Following this ONTODerm abandoned its ‘collaborative’ ideology. At present, ONTODerm is at the core of DKB and can only be altered/modified through DKB.

The standard namespace for ONTODerm is http://gulfdoctor.net/ontoderm/ontoderm.owl#
and this URL can also be used to import it into protege.

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  • Eapen BR. ONTODerm - A domain ontology for dermatology. Dermatology Online Journal (2008) 14 (6): 16 [Full Text]

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