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Lexicon / Glossary of terms commonly used in Dermatology.

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ONTODerm Structure

ONTODerm is a specialty specific ontology for dermatology. Skin is the largest and the most 'exposed' organ in the human body. Most of the skin disorders are 'visible' and can be 'described' using terminologies 'specific' for the specialty. ONTODerm is envisaged as a solution for these 'specialty specific' needs. For everything else you have UMLS and SNOMED CT

ONTODerm was initially started in 2007 using protege in OWL. Later it was moved to knoodl, the first Distributed Information Management System (DIMS)™. Knoodl provides  tools for creating, managing, analyzing, and visualizing RDF/OWL descriptions that makes collaborative ontology maintenance and development easy.

You may access ONTODerm community on knoodl here:
http://knoodl.com/ui/groups/ONTODerm and the vocabulary here:

If you are new to knoodl, please register and request to join ONTODerm community. ONTODerm is also available as a public SPARQL endpoint with basic HTTP authentication with the URL: 
Add version number from http://knoodl.com/ui/index/vocab/groups/ONTODerm in brackets.

The standard namespace for ONTODerm is :
You may import the latest version of ONTODerm to Protege using the above URL.

Welcome to the ONTODerm community.......

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  ONTODerm Tools:

Please cite this article if you use ONTODerm in your project.

  • Eapen BR. ONTODerm - A domain ontology for dermatology. Dermatology Online Journal (2008) 14 (6): 16 [Full Text]

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If you are a dermatologist:

ONTODerm is not a software. It is a compilation of dermatological definitions (Well, sort of). Hence the most important skill needed to be part of Core ontoderm development is the thorough understanding of dermatological terms. Please register at http://knoodl.com/ui/groups/ONTODerm and join the ONTODerm community and shoot me an email:

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If you are a software developer:

ONTODerm is a domain ontology for dermatology which may be useful for ontology driven biomedical applications. Checkout the ONTODerm Tools above. Source code is available here.

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