DermaMan : Dermatology Tools for your java enabled mobile.

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What is DermaMan?

Mobiles have become part of everyday life and most of these devices support java. In technical terms DermaMan is a suite of java MIDlets developed using J2ME complying with the CDLC 1.1 specifications. I am sure majority of the prospective users of DermaMan may not be interested in the technical specifications. So in simple terms DermaMan is a java application for your new generation mobiles.

How do I download DermaMan?

You can download the files to your PC here: [ DermaMan.jar | DermaMan.jad ]. Only DermaMan.jar may be needed if you are installing your software through the PC. Read this webpage for more information.

How do I install DermaMan?

Installation of java applications depends on your mobile device. Please read the instructions for your mobile carefully and go through this webpage for more information. You can also check the internet for relevant information for your device. If you are seeing this page on your mobile browser click here to install the application.

If you have internet access on your mobile go to and click on "Install DermaMan". If you have WAP access go to

Can I give DermaMan to my friends?

DermaMan is freeware but not Open Source. You may distribute the software provided you do not change the software in any way. Please read the disclaimer before you proceed.

How do I cite DermaMan?

Eapen BR. DermaMan: Scoring dermatology in your palm. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2008;74:424-6. Available from:

How do I join Project DermaMan?

DermaMan is not an Open source project and you cannot join the project. However please check out my OntoDerm Project  which may hugely benefit from your expertise, even if you are not a tech savvy dermatologist. OntoDerm is a concept and not a software project.

What is the future of DermaMan?

I am sure you agree that the mobile technology is here to stay and the processing power as well as connectivity is going to improve tremendously with time. My ultimate aim is to make a mobile front end to a self learning diagnostic application similar to my Virtual Dermatologist.