Skin Maps

Skin Maps

Skin Maps is a project to represent various dermatological topics of interest in the form of a mind map.

Available Skin Maps

  • Pigment Map Project (PMP)
  • Skin Genomics Project (SGP)
  • Skin Barrier Project (SBP)
  • Cutaneous Fibrosis Project (CFP)
  • Dermatology Feed Project (DFP)
  • Dermatology Links Project (DLP)
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    About Me

    I have varied research interests ranging from eHealth, Health Information Exchange, Clinical Trials and Research, Contact Dermatitis, Bioinformatics, and Cosmetic Dermatology. I have work experience in Canada as an eHealth analyst, and in Dubai and India as a Specialist Dermatologist.


    Bell Raj Eapen
    Hamilton, ON