15 Cosmetological emergencies: Presentation and management. 2

cosmetic emergencies

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After helping out the burgeoning cosmetic dermatology brands with 30 tips, I have compiled this clinically important list for effective ‘client’ management for cosmetological emergencies.

  1. My friend says, my face is not symmetrical after fillers. (Send your friend to an ophthalmologist.)
  2. OMG, I have a zit. (Call 911)
  3. I lost 101 hairs today. You said upto 100 is normal, but… (Tie the last 2 and count again.)
  4. My Melasma is still the same after 12 peels. (You need another 12)
  5. I became pregnant while on laser treatment. (Fire the laser operator)
  6. My eyebrows did not lift after your botox. (Your doctors eyebrows did)
  7. I have gained weight after starting your treatment. (Don’t worry we have a slimming plan)
  8. I got hair on my face after mesotherapy. (You are an ideal candidate for laser)
  9. I lost hair after laser. (You are an ideal candidate for mesotherapy)
  10. I applied the day cream at night and vice versa. (Oh don’t worry, All are same, only the colour is different)
  11. I was exposed to sun when I opened the door to let my husband in. (You may need post exposure prophylaxis, and please keep your husband out.)
  12. I think I have a heart attack. (Please come immediately to pay your dues)
  13. I look sick and tired in the mirror. (Change your mirror after the treatment)
  14. My friend says I have worsened after your treatment. (Send your friend to our competitor)
  15. My husband says you are too expensive. (Oh these men, why are they always sensible?)
Have I missed any?

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