Two reasons why dermatologists hate fairness creams

Fairness Cream

Image credit: Sikoian @ deviatart ( Image altered and text added )

Call me a traitor! Call me an anti-cosmetic jerk! But I see a definite double standard in dermatologists disapproval of fairness creams. I have seen a clear increase in dermatologists voicing their support for a natural skin tone. Recently I read this article in Hindustan Times that went viral on social networks. Though this could be construed as an inexperienced journalist’s misadventure that turned an admirable anti-steroid abuse campaign into an anti-fairness tirade, the “anti-fair and lvly” in all of us is evident here too!

Come on.. let us be fair (pun intended) The Fair and lvley clique is used by millions. It hardly causes any problems and is as safe or as dangerous as any other cosmetic (depending on which side of the line you stand). One in a million chance of contact dermatitis is not more than that for the anti-fungal you prescribe. Yet why are we so anti…..? So you don’t like meddling with the ‘natural’ skin tone. eh..? Don’t you treat ‘diseases’ like laughter lines and wrinkles? Don’t you treat minor acne seen in 80% of teenagers and investigate for potential future use of isotretinoin? Don’t you torment men with male pattern baldness by poking them with mesotherapy needles with exotic cocktails, giving them false promises. So why do we care if they apply some fair & lvley on their face before going to sleep to increase their self-esteem? Are they going to get tormented in hell for ‘steroid’ withdrawal? As I mentioned in ‘the beauty and the belly button‘ why are we so intolerant about some successful brands exercising their God-given right to define beauty? I am sure many of us will be offering a mix of tyrosinase inhibitors ( with some exotic Brazilian berry extract) as an ‘effective’ and ‘safe’ (and expensive of course) ‘pigmentation control formula’ branded under our clinic name.

Call me a traitor! Call me an anti-cosmetic jerk! but I am going to spell out why we are so anti-fairness.

So we hereby proclaim that your natural skin colour is beautiful…….


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