Beauty and the bellybutton! 1

English: Navel piercing of a woman's bellybutton.

Navel piercing of a woman’s bellybutton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History is written by the victors. Similarly beauty is defined by the rich, famous and the successful. The pinnacle of a cosmetic dermatologists’ success is the opportunity to define beauty. That is, the opportunity to teach budding dermatologists, what a perfect face means. If you attend any rich and famous cosmetic dermatology conference, invariably there will be a session on assessing the face – Where the eyebrow should be, how long the nose should be and the “correct” proportion of each quadrant of the face. In some parts of the world, you get the chance to define the colour of beauty as well.

Product and device manufacturers define beauty based on what their gadgets can achieve. So if you have a volumizing lip filler, you promote full lips as beautiful. If you have a poison to kill melanocytes, you promote fairness as beautiful.

Researchers bring sanity to any domain. Cosmetic researchers are no different. When they had to define a perfect navel, they turned to the published literature. Unfortunately perfect navel was not defined in Rook textbook of dermatology. So the researchers turned to the next authoritative source of beauty related information!

In this study, researchers used software they developed, to assess the vertical and horizontal positions, length and shape of 37 bellybuttons from a cosmetic dermatology journal with highest impact factor. Based on their results, they report the features of a “beautiful” umbilicus. To learn more about a perfect navel and to subscribe to the journal with highest impact factor -free 😉 , read the article below.

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