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A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor: Why I Didn’t Do Dermatology: I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I had good grades and scores in med school, although not freaking awesome. So it seems like the…

English: Harvard Medical School
English: Harvard Medical School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Fizzy

Don’t you think you are being too harsh on us dermatologists? I do understand your feeling and I agree that there is an element of truth in some of your arguments. I shall try to give you an Indian perspective from my experience. You may not know the people mentioned here. You will find them all here.

My grades were average and I chose dermatology because it was one of the few options available to me. If you practice in rural India, muscle weakness is often not induced by the BoNT from a pretty dermatologist’s needle, but by the much detested M Leprae. Daily patient count of a busy academic dermatology department will be almost equal to the population of a small US town. So dermatology practice is not always attractive in this part of the world though things are changing fast. But I match your stereotype because I left all this behind and crossed the Arabian sea in search of fools gold.

I am sorry to hear that you met mostly terrible people in dermatology. But I found few of the most interesting people I have ever known in this specialty. I have seen many with more than a passing interest in photography and fine arts. I have known Uncle Appukuttan and authors of non-dermatology books. I have seen artists and musicians all within this specialty.

I really enjoyed my PG days in dermatology. If you want to know how much fun we have had, you must watch the Indian movie 3 idiots. I have seen the entire plot unfolding in front of my very eyes during my PG days. We were the only other cricket team in the world (besides Indian national team) with Sachin as the opener 🙂

Hey Fizzy, I am standing at a precipice now. Behind me is the ‘freaking awesome’ dermatology. In front of me is ‘The Pond’ that I am planning to take a plunge into. My role model is a dermatologist who gave up dermatology for public health.

See, Initially I set out to prove you wrong. But ultimately we all seem to fit your stereotype!

Thanks for the insights.

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