Bigfoot had Tinea Pedis
The detailed forensic examination of the footmarks revealed that the simian creature could be suffering from Tinea Pedis, a fungal infection of the foot.

Bigfoot had Tinea Pedis

Cosmetic Dermatology
The pile of snow outside my window gradually melt as the mercury slowly but steadily rises above the zero mark. With the glimmer of spring in the horizon and a glass of vodka in my hand, I start my customary cosmetic dermatology bashing. Henceforth, I will use CD as an […]

The 10 Commandments of Cosmetic Dermatology

wines and psoriasis
Before I start, let me remind the readers that this (leukodermic view) is my informal (occasionally satirical) and personal blog for everyone to have a good laugh. Please don’t take it personal. My technical blog is at A study conducted in Thrissur showed that while smoking is associated with […]

Kerala revokes alcohol ban following a psoriasis study

I used to make fun of my Mom’s zeal for Ayurveda. Her panacea for any joint problem is the popular Dhanvantharam Kuzhanbu, an essential element of any Mallu household. She considers ayurvedic medications innocuous with only beneficial effects. As ayurveda got commercialized, much like cosmetic dermatology, the packaging and the […]

Dhanwantharam thailam and Eladi coconut oil may wreak havoc with ...

Vancouver 2012
Call me a traitor! Call me an anti-cosmetic jerk! But I see a definite double standard in dermatologists disapproval of fairness creams. I have seen a clear increase in dermatologists voicing their support for a natural skin tone. Recently I read this article in Hindustan Times that went viral on […]

Two reasons why dermatologists hate fairness creams

Fairness Cream 1
History is written by the victors. Similarly beauty is defined by the rich, famous and the successful. The pinnacle of a cosmetic dermatologists’ success is the opportunity to define beauty. That is, the opportunity to teach budding dermatologists, what a perfect face means. If you attend any rich and famous […]

Beauty and the bellybutton!

Mouse embryonic stem cells. More lab photos (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The actual formula will be a secret. (Our secret (patent pending) collagen stimulant……..) A simple working principle. (peptides stimulating collagen, catalase improving melanization.) A reference to an unrelated article from a highly reputed journal. (Rheological properties of peptides from Chemical […]

10 ways by which cosmetic companies sell time machines

With new cosmetic dermatology practices and the so called med-spas popping up all over the place, nobody can assume that patients will flock to your clinic if you simply hang out your shingle. Here are 30+ Tips and Tricks to build a cosmetic dermatology practice in India! Dermatological laser (Photo credit: […]

30 steps to build a cosmetic dermatology practice