Intelligent Interface for Sequence Analysis (IISA)

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Sequence analysis is no longer a prerogative of bioinformaticians. It has become an indispensable part of clinical research. Bioinformatics is gradually shifting emphasis from 'building the tools' to its 'applications in a clinical setting'. There are myriads of tools available for sequence analysis. However clinicians capable of generating bioinformatics related hypothesis  may find these tools complicated and the interpretation confusing. This knowledge gap can be bridged by expert systems capable of performing basic sequence analysis and interpretation. Intelligent Interface to Sequence Analysis (IISA) is one such attempt to create a system utilising the sequence manipulating power of Perl (especially Bioperl module) and logical analyzing potential of Prolog.

IISA has several perl scripts which will submit the sequence to online sequence analysis programs, parse the script and then write the output as a prolog file. Prolog can consult these output files along with the other rule files to derive intelligent assumptions. Please visit IISA Wiki for more details.

If you find this idea appealing and if you are a bioinformatician who believes in "lets do it" versus "when will they?" then Welcome on Board! I invite you to join this open source project hosted by Please contact me with your details and I will send you the cvs information to join me as a developer. If you are just interested in using the software (it is not stable as yet) or just seeing the source code, it is available for free download from the sourceforge homepage. The experimental web interface located at Offline is available for free access and the source code is also open source. However the cvs repository is hosted by and is available to only those interested in combined development. It uses a java implementation of prolog interpreter called JLog. (Another sourceforge project not related to IISA).

Figure 1. Protein sequence analysis - STEP 1. [Structural analysis]


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