Dental and Medical Post Graduate (PG) Entrance MCQ Interactive Database.

Docpg - Dental and Medical PG Entrance companion

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Docpg is web-based database driven MCQ question bank. It randomly generates question papers for a unique experience each time. Sign in with any of the above accounts. We do not save your email and we do not post on your wall.

Top scorer of last mock exam: Mohit Kumar.

What is docpg

Docpg is a dental and medical PG entrance mcq question bank. Docpg is database driven and has a unique random paper generator. This simulates real exams giving you much needed experience. You can also add questions that are curated before adding to the database, so that you will always find new questions here. Monthly mock exams helps you in finding out where you stand. This is extremily useful for ALL INDIA, MFDS, MJDF, NBDE and ORE exams as well. The initial dental database is prepared by Dr Manoj Vengal MDS.

What is new in Version 2.0

  1. Social Media integration.
  2. No need for registration.
  3. New questions everyday.

Best of luck for your All India Dental PG Entrance Exam!

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The story of DOCPG!

About Me

I have varied research interests ranging from eHealth, Health Information Exchange, Clinical Trials and Research, Contact Dermatitis, Bioinformatics, and Cosmetic Dermatology. I have work experience in Canada as an eHealth analyst, and in Dubai and India as a Specialist Dermatologist.


Bell Raj Eapen
Hamilton, ON