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Dienogest and GnRH agonists (GnRHa) are the only treatments specifically evaluated for the treatment of adolescent endometriosis [1]. Combined Oral contraceptives have not been studied in the context of endometriosis but they are effective on dysmenorrhea [2]. The parietal operculum and adjacent posterior insula are the main recipients of spinothalamic afferents in primates [3]. The innermost operculum appears functionally associated with the posterior insula and can be segregated histologically, somatotopically and neurochemically from the more lateral S2 areas [4]. Lacking the clinical information, radiologists may inappropriately call a fluid collection or any Cystic Lesion a pseudocyst [5].

To confirm these results, we demonstrated that l-CDL controlled astrocytic-released CXCL1 by inhibiting p65/RelA activation, thus acting on the CXCR2 receptor in the spinal cord [6]. Moreover, Antifungal therapy and immunosuppressive drug interactions should be considered during treatment management [7]. GnRHa is not recommended as first line endometriosis treatment for adolescent girl because of the risk of Bone demineralization (grade B) [8]. Moreover, literature shows no interest in uterine nerve ablation in case of dysmenorrhea due to minimal and mild endometriosis [9].

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