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The text is the summary of recent articles on Genital Leiomyoma at 75 thresold from National Library of Medicine (NLM). This information is subject to NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright notice.

The initial clinical aspect was very similar to spontaneous eruptive keloids: red-violet color, Painless, aspect of "crab pincers" of some of the lesions, epidermis atrophy, telangiectasia, located on acneiform zones and compliance with cephalic extremity [1]. Depending on the site of origin, one distinguishes three different types--piloleiomyoma, angioleiomyoma and genital leiomyoma [2]. Therefore we decided to employ a pharmacologic anti-depressive treatment [3]. Their histopathological features were reviewed on hematoxylin-eosin stained slides [4]. On histopathological examination, the Tumor consisted of interlacing bundles of smooth Muscle Cells, which were positive for vimentin, desmin, and a-actin [5].

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