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The text is the summary of recent articles on Alopecia Neoplastica at 75 thresold from National Library of Medicine (NLM). This information is subject to NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright notice.

There are various morphological variants of cutaneous metastases, with the most common being Solitary to Multiple Erythematous infiltrating Papules and Nodules and the rarer variants being Carcinoma erysipeloides, Carcinoma en cuirasse, carcinoma telangiectaticum, alopecia neoplastica, Metastasis to the Inframammary crease, and Zosteriform pattern [1]. In this regard, folliculitis-like CM could be similar to alopecia neoplastica, where the Metastatic process involves and destroys the pilosebaceous units completely, leading to scarring alopecia (9,10) [2]. However, in our case, the pilosebaceous unit was still slightly recognizable, and clinically there were no scar-like features [3]. The mechanism of folliculitis-like metastasis formation is currently unknown [4]. As reported in zosteriform-like metastases, the lymphatic and hematogenous spread of Malignant Cells or the koebnerization at the site of a previous viral and/or bacterial infection could lead to metastasis (7,14-16) [5].

In our patient, the folliculitis-like Eruption was the first sign of Recurrence after 5 years of disease-free survival [6]. It is evident that the unusual folliculitis-like Eruption of CM led to a delay in the diagnosis [7]. CLC is a rare presentation of skin Metastasis, characterized by an occlusion of dermic lymphatic vessels by neoplastic Cells (18) [8]. CE usually shows blistering Erythematous Eruptions resembling erysipelas [9]. Positivity to CD31 and podoplanin in the endothelial cells shows that the Tumor metastatises predominantly via lymphatic vessels (20) [10].

It has a higher tendency for local Recurrence but lower risk of lymph node Metastasis vs [11]. Biopsies revealed Atypical spindled and nested epithelioid melanocytes set in a sclerotic Dermis with Scattered lymphoid aggregates and immunohistochemical expression of S100 protein, features diagnostic of combined desmoplastic melanoma [12]. The Scalp is a relatively common site of cutaneous Metastasis, usually presenting as a single or Multiple firm scalp nodules [13]. Herein, we describe a 33-year-old Woman with gastric adenocarcinoma who developed alopecia neoplastica while receiving cancer Chemotherapy [14]. Therefore, she was diagnosed with alopecia neoplastica due to gastric adenocarcinoma [15].

They may present as erysipeloid, sclerodermoid, alopecia neoplastica or in an Inflammatory or Bullous form or as multiple Nodules as in our case [16]. We describe a Woman with adenocarcinoma of the breast who developed alopecia neoplastica while receiving antineoplastic therapy [17]. Biopsy revealed desmoplastic melanoma with associated neurotropism [18]. Alopecia neoplastica is usually a presentation of Metastasis from breast cancer, and other primary sites are extremely rare [19]. We report a 36-year-old Woman with alopecia neoplastica due to Metastasis from gastric Carcinoma [20].

An asymptomatic Erythematous alopecic Plaque had developed 10 months before presentation and Biopsy was consistent with Scalp Metastasis [21].

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