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Actinic Keratosis

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In photodynamic therapy (PDT) the interaction of a photosensitizer (PS), light and oxygen leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and thus the selective Tumor Cells eradication [1]. Therefore, the use of PDT as a preventive treatment may constitute a very promising therapeutic modality for these syndromes [2]. We present two cases of Multiple sporadic, nonsyndromic BCCs, and one of these cases is a unique case of parotid invasion associated purely with actinic keratosis [3]. Surgical Excision of the lesions was performed, and the Biopsy results were squamous cell Carcinoma in situ and actinic Keratosis [4]. Dermatoscopy can be helpful in excluding signs of basal cell carcinoma when actinic keratosis is non-keratotic [5].

RESULTS: the actinic keratosis Lesion count decreased by an average of 76 percent compared with baseline [6]. Signs of photoaging were reduced significantly at the end of the study, with greater than 60 percent of the subjects reporting moderate or complete satisfaction with skin improvement [7]. Theranostics methods can provide Multiple benefits by inserting nanoparticles into the patient and using photodynamic therapy and pave the way for personalized medicine [8]. The present data suggest some treatment efficacy for subclinical AK lesions detected using RCM [9]. Total RNA was extracted from formalin fixed paraffin embedded biopsies of five stages along the malignant evolution of keratinocytes towards cSCC: Normal epidermis, solar elastosis, actinic Keratosis KIN1-2, advanced actinic keratosis KIN3 and well-differentiated cSCC [10].

The observed alterations focused in miRNAs involved in the regulation of AKT/mTOR or in those involved in epithelial to mesenchymal transition [11]. We found that it induces reversion of epithelial to mesenchymal transition [12]. Commercially available compounds such as 5-fluorouracil, ingenol mebutate, diclofenac sodium salt were also used in this study [13]. The effect of mentioned compounds on cell viability of squamous Carcinoma cell line and healthy keratinocytes was evaluated [14]. These results indicate bioactive properties of wool hydrolysates, which affect the viability of squamous Carcinoma Cells and decrease their Number [15].

Picato (ingenol mebutate) (LEO Pharma, Parsippany, NJ) gel was applied to an area with a known actinic keratosis daily for 3 days [16]. The Scale evaluated actinic keratosis, overall skin appearance, wrinkling, dyschromia, erythema, and texture [17]. Some lesions of BD are often difficult to be differentiated from seborrheic Keratosis, actinic keratosis, lichen planus-like keratosis, etc [18]. It has shown excellent therapeutic results in both Lesion and field-directed photodynamic therapy of actinic Keratosis (AK) [19]. Dermatoscopic non-melanoma patterns may have a comparable diagnostic value [20].

In this pilot study, facial lesions were collected retrospectively, resulting in a case set of 339 melanomas and 308 non-melanomas [21].

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