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Signs, Symptoms and Associations of Equestrian Perniosis

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Note: Relationships (middle term) should be interpreted in the broad sense. For example: hasAssociation could mean differential, synonym, co-occurrence or similar. Check Google or Pubmed evidence by clicking on the respective icons.

Disease / Term Relationship Object Google Pubmed
EquestrianPerniosis hasAssociation Chilblains ( Pernio, Perniosis,)
Google Pubmed
EquestrianPerniosis hasFeature Panniculitis Google Pubmed
EquestrianPerniosis hasAssociation LupusErythematosus Google Pubmed
EquestrianPerniosis hasFeature Dermatitis Google Pubmed
Chilblains ( Pernio, Perniosis,)
hasAssociation EquestrianPerniosis Google Pubmed

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