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DermKnowledgeBASE - A dermatology knowledge base!A Dermatology Knowledge Base with semi-automated knowledge discovery.

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DermKnowledgeBASE is a knowledgebase for dermatology in RDFS using RAP - Rdf API for php (ResModel). The root of DermKnowledgeBASE is ONTODerm - the domain ontology for dermatology. The standard namespace for terms is same as ONTODerm.

The root classes are:

  • DermCondition
  • DermDescription
  • DermPart
  • DermInvestigation
  • DermIntervention
  • and Unclassified.

The root properties are:

  • CanAffect
  • hasFeature
  • hasAssociation
  • hasInvestigation
  • hasIntervention

You can lookup terms or do a SPARQL query or consult to find differential diagnosis based on case history. If you want to join as a curator, read this and send me an email

Disclaimer: This is an experimental application for medical professionals and is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the full disclaimer before you proceed.

DermKnowledgeBASE is semi-automated and reads one condition every 15 minutes! Curators help in classifying difficult rules and terms. 83% (3680 / 4454) of the current cycle completed.

Last 10 Triples*

EpithelioidSarcoma (hasFeature) Symmetrical
ChronicParonychia (hasFeature) Symmetrical
Dermatomyositis (hasFeature) Symmetrical
TraumaticNeuroma (hasFeature) Symmetrical
AmputationNeuroma (hasFeature) Symmetrical
TurfToe (hasFeature) Symmetrical
CapSyndrome (hasFeature) Symmetrical
Craniosynostosis–analAnomalies–porokeratosisSyndrome (hasFeature) Symmetrical
MeralgiaParesthetica (hasFeature) Symmetrical
Roth–bernhardtDisease (hasFeature) Symmetrical

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What is DermKnowledgeBASE?
Read non technical explanation here and see the demonstration videos below.
Please read the disclaimer below before you proceed.

Dermatology is a medical speciality with its own unique set of terms. It is important to understand these terms to comprehend dermatology. The hierarchical organisation of terms and their relations is called an ontology that is prepared by many domain experts. ONTODerm is an ontology for dermatology. Ontology is prepared in a machine readable form and can be used software systems to understand the semantics. Besides implicit rules can be deduced from an ontology. For example, if you define macule is a lesion and patch is a large macule, then a reasoner can deduce that patch is a lesion too.

If ontology is developed further by adding information about individual instances, then it becomes a knowledge base. For example knowledge base would have information on all diseases with the macular lesions. It would also have specific facts like Dermatitis is treated with steroids. Preparing a knowledgebase is a much bigger task than making an ontology. It will never be complete as knowledge about any domain keeps evolving.

But what is the use of having a knowledge base when all the information is available in the books? Knowledge base is also machine readable and can be used by other systems. It is searchable in advanced ways. For example, you can search for all diseases with a particular lesion, so that you could instantly find the differentials to consider for the patient sitting in front of you! You can search for drugs useful in both psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, if your patient has both. You can even make a program that can analyse your case history and give you differential diagnosis at the click of a button!!

But I cannot add all these information on my own. I need your help! But dont worry. You dont have to go to the library, write down information and type it on DermKnowledgeBASE. DermKnowledgeBASE can do that for you!! It will read pubmed articles and wikipedia on its own and ask your opinion on the relations that it identifies. It is a semi automated process and the inferred rules are presented to you in a random manner so that teaching DermKnowledgeBASE is fun and a self-learning experience too!!

If you want to join this initiative, please send me an email with your short profile. I will send you a tip-sheet with all the instructions on how to use it. You can also watch the video below though the quality is not very good.

Welcome to DermKnowledgeBASE.

*RDF provides a general, flexible method to decompose any knowledge into small pieces, called triples, with some rules about the semantics (meaning) of those pieces.


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This is an experimental application for healthcare professionals. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read disclaimer. - Evidence based skincare free

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I have varied research interests ranging from eHealth, Health Information Exchange, Clinical Trials and Research, Contact Dermatitis, Bioinformatics, and Cosmetic Dermatology. I have work experience in Canada as an eHealth analyst, and in Dubai and India as a Specialist Dermatologist.


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