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Summary - Bloch

The text is the summary of recent articles on Bloch from National Library of Medicine (NLM). This information is subject to NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright notice.

Raltegravir 1200mg (2x600mg tablets) once daily (QD) demonstrated non-inferior efficacy and similar safety to raltegravir 400mg BID at Week 48 of the ONCEMRK trial. This study sought to determine the effect of contact force (CF) on atrial lesion size, quality, and transmurality by using a chronic porcine model of radiofrequency ablation.CF is a major determinant of ventricular lesion formation, but uncertainty exists regarding the most appropriate CF parameters to safely achieve permanent, transmural lesions in the atria.Intercaval linear ablation (30 W, 42°C, 17 ml/min irrigation) was performed in 8 Göttingen minipigs by using a force-sensing catheter with CF >20 g (high force) or <10 g (low force) at alternate ends of the line, separated by an intentional gap. This study sought to develop an actively tracked cardiac magnetic resonance-guided electrophysiology (CMR-EP) system and perform first-in-human clinical ablation procedures.CMR-EP offers high-resolution anatomy, arrhythmia substrate, and ablation lesion visualization in the absence of ionizing radiation. The present review aimed to identify what is known about the use of blended diets in gastrostomy fed children and young people (i.e. At present, epidemiologic studies regarding the relationship between sleep duration and glucose metabolism in adolescents are scarce. A single-particle mobility edge (SPME) marks a critical energy separating extended from localized states in a quantum system. A search for high-mass resonances decaying to τν using proton-proton collisions at sqrt[s]=13  TeV produced by the Large Hadron Collider is presented. Early clinical severity assessments during the 2009 influenza A H1N1 pandemic (pH1N1) overestimated clinical severity due to selection bias and other factors. An outbreak of Zika virus (ZIKV) began in May 2015 in Brazil and rapidly spread throughout the Americas; New York City (NYC) has a diverse population with ∼1.8 million residents who were born in ZIKV-affected areas. School refusal is an important pediatric problem with significant negative short- and long-term outcomes. In all known fermionic superfluids, Cooper pairs are composed of spin-1/2 quasi-particles that pair to form either spin-singlet or spin-triplet bound states. Medicine acceptability, which is of the utmost importance for vulnerable patients' adherence, is driven by both user and product characteristics. Neurofeedback - learning to modulate brain function through real-time monitoring of current brain state - is both a powerful method to perturb and probe brain function and an exciting potential clinical tool.

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