Malignancy in Dermatomyositis - A Bayesian Belief Network Approach

This is a simple malignancy risk calculator for dermatomyositis based on a Bayesian Belief Network model. Four factors (Age, Sex, ESR and Cutaneous Necrosis) for which evidence is available from the literature, are used to calculate the risk. Please refer the article mentioned below for details. Please cite this paper if you use this software for your research projects. The model was created using the GeNIe modeling environment and the implementation is based on the SMILE reasoning engine. Both are developed by the Decision Systems Laboratory of the University of Pittsburgh (
Download Instructions: [Please read the General Disclaimer before you download.]
(1) Download and unzip this file (<15 KB Only) into a directory in your computer. This part is freeware available under GPL (source code available on request). However the library mentioned below is copyrighted though it is available for free download.
(2) Click here to open the  registration page of SMILE Library (University of Pittsburgh). Register and Scroll down the page (Pic: 1) to locate the Smile.NET binaries under the heading 'SMILE Wrappers'. Download only the Binaries file ( as indicated by the red circle in the screenshot below. Unzip the files to the same directory as above. Double Click on DermatoMyositis.exe to run the software.
(3) This software will work only if .NET framework Version 2.0 is installed on your system. You may download it free from here.

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